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It was beautiful, really. Mom would’ve liked it.

In the gloam, I lean against the split rail fence that borders the cemetery and ask “Where did all these webs come from?”
original photography by Seymour Toa

Looking across the open grave, I stare into his eyes. "She was an upstanding member of the community. But first and foremost, she was a dedicated and beloved mother and grandmother..."

The monotone words coming from the the preacher’s dry mouth pounded my ear drums. Each syllable was a mallet…

may you get what you wish for — the ol’ Yiddish saying goes.

original photography by Seymour Toa

That’s when I said to him “Let’s go watch a scary movie. It’s either that or I’m gonna spend the night crying.”

His pen stops moving. Without looking up he says “Need a little escapism huh?” He turns to look at her in the doorway. His lustful smile escapes.


I need me here they need me there emotional abuse from everywhere

We reel We reel in hate We pull it in We make believe We want better We see nothing But what we want We feel illusions Not see but touch An allusion to illusion Is what it’s worth Deeper down you go Deeper down you get Hanging in the brink This is the last of it
original photography by Seymour Toa

ground down from the grind of it all no longer do we stand tall cower and shelter in place mind stuck in the shower body stuck in the rat race

on our one life we will persist through this strife abandon our fears embrace our tears grow strong amongst peers…

an homage to a similar struggle

I Second That Emotion, shown here in drab overcast beach colors with the lake churning up a gnarly crashing wave overtaking the breakwall.
original photography by Seymour Toa

i second that emotion
i ride on a similar wave of despair
deep to the bottom of the ocean
all that pressure on top of me
no one there to hear my plea
if there was i still wouldn’t say true
anger fear and sadness define my view
taking precautions with dirty air
i ride on a similar…

…hints lead to discoveries and reveries

napping with my dog on the couch with warm sunshine splashing over us
…focused on his breathing. Soon enough, I lean my head back and mutter “Just a ‘lil nap…”

Agitato morendo

Ok. I'm gonna try this again. I simply can not ignore the signs that keep screaming at me to continue. Can't ignore anymore. Ignore.

Nuking my coffee, I scroll to random yet interesting video and find another surprise inspiration halfway through it stating to "keep on keeping on."…

With 13 Must-Have Habits To Let Out Wildly Successful Creativity

1. Demonstrated success of habitual routines being well-intentioned but pointless.
2. Clearly identified audience on the lurch and ready to exploit.
3. Must have resolute persistence to dedication.
4. Ability to scribble on a digital screen at 3am without glasses.
5. Experience in discarding all of personal life for gains in production.
6. No…

what will the next 4 years be

Purposely avoided watching the election results all night. Slept good. Woke up at 6 am to start the 4th day of Nov.

Had a choice — go find the results of the election; or not. Keep it a secret from myself.

For self preservation.

Preservation of mind.

Of what I…

Seymour Toa

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