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an homage to a similar struggle

I Second That Emotion, shown here in drab overcast beach colors with the lake churning up a gnarly crashing wave overtaking the breakwall.
original photography by Seymour Toa

i second that emotion
i ride on a similar wave of despair
deep to the bottom of the ocean
all that pressure on top of me
no one there to hear my plea
if there was i still wouldn’t say true
anger fear and sadness define my view
taking precautions with dirty air
i ride on a similar wave of despair

Thank you Zachary. The preceding stems from this author…

…someone I know only from his writings which have evoked a response I didn’t know was hiding but there it is above as a compliment to the openness in his…

ignoring all but my own perspective, wrongly lying to myself

laying here in the muddy grass gasping to catch my breath i focus on the beautiful contrast dark trees in front of morning blue or is it just petechial hemorrhaging spreading through my view?
dark trees in front of morning blue

laying here in the muddy grass

gasping to catch my breath

i focus on the beautiful contrast

dark trees in front of morning blue

or is it just petechial hemorrhaging

spreading through my view?

i cannot feel a thing

but wetness and ears that ring

dare not try to speak

tears running down my cheek

was it now we were meet?

wait a minute what’s down by my feet

are you here?

is that you?

this was not on the plan to do

dark trees in front of morning blue

…hints lead to discoveries and reveries

napping with my dog on the couch with warm sunshine splashing over us
…focused on his breathing. Soon enough, I lean my head back and mutter “Just a ‘lil nap…”

Agitato morendo

Ok. I'm gonna try this again. I simply can not ignore the signs that keep screaming at me to continue. Can't ignore anymore. Ignore.

Nuking my coffee, I scroll to random yet interesting video and find another surprise inspiration halfway through it stating to "keep on keeping on." This one from none other than the master of horror himself. I test my drink and close the microwave door. I clear the display but it keeps returning to 19 seconds. Blinking.

What would King think of that? And the dog? He just 'happened' to knock that book off the…

With 13 Must-Have Habits To Let Out Wildly Successful Creativity

1. Demonstrated success of habitual routines being well-intentioned but pointless.
2. Clearly identified audience on the lurch and ready to exploit.
3. Must have resolute persistence to dedication.
4. Ability to scribble on a digital screen at 3am without glasses.
5. Experience in discarding all of personal life for gains in production.
6. No strings attached, commitments, or other baggage please.
7. Welcome expectations of net zero income.
8. Intimately familiar with hallucinations and depression.
9. Routinely accepting of belittlement and abuse.
10. Natural hatred of happiness.
11. Must lose everything and ability to just keep going.
12. Mastery of unhealthy coping mechanisms.
13. Required vivid pie-in-the-sky idealist daydreams and…

what will the next 4 years be

Purposely avoided watching the election results all night. Slept good. Woke up at 6 am to start the 4th day of Nov.

Had a choice — go find the results of the election; or not. Keep it a secret from myself.

For self preservation.

Preservation of mind.

Of what I think people are.

People are good natured. They have good intent. As a nation, there’s no way they would even come close to reelecting that clown narcissist. They wouldn’t want four more years of inciting violence, hate, and bigotry.

Would they?

Could they?

How can that happen?

How can so…

…an equal and opposite reaction

original photography by Seymour Toa

Gripping the railing with white-knuckles, I shuffled my way to the bottom of the stairs. “I don’t remember the stairs being so long” I muttered to myself. It sounded like my girls were already well on their way through the house and headed out back. The little pitter-patter of their feet echoed in the hallway like dandelion wisps drifting down to a soft landing amidst the grass.

Reaching my writing desk, I plopped down into my chair. Papers crunched against my waist. “Hmph. I guess I did bring some of Grandma’s old poetry down from the attic” I said. Straightening…

Through pain you will gain

Original photography by SeymourToa

Oct 15, 2015

Sitting in my car parked at Cresthill trying to keep calm on this Friday morning. In twenty minutes, I'm about to walk in to meet the new doctor in my case, Dr. Bernaert, a vascular surgeon. "Might as well wait out here instead of inside so early" I mutter to myself shaking my head.

So for now, I'm studying the snow lightly drifting down to my windows, coating my car, shielding me from the outside world. It brings me a deep sense of peace and protection even though I'm thinking about how I…

Original Photography by Seymour Toa

…take time out for imagination and unwind

seeing things through the artistic lens

I decided I needed a break

I was at the end

Of what I could take

For a walk I was due

Transmogrified right into a surreal painting

Of contrasting orange on blue

This is when it became clear

This is what I needed to hear

Not with my ears but my mind

My work had followed me

Leaving reality behind

Immersed now set in stone

Never again to be alone

Absorbed into my fine art

Forever leading with my heart

It is now clear

It is now seen

I’m the best I ever was

I’m the best I’ve ever…

Seymour Toa

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